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In the last step of any project, the generated meshes are shown and can be edited or exported.


The interface shows the image of all the generated meshes; the list of the generated meshes, in the upper right corner of the interface, from which can be selected individual files for edit; a specific toolbar.

The toolbar offers these options:

PrevAction.png Previous
Goes back to the previous step. Icon not active during the first scanning step.
EditSelectedAction.png Edit Meshes
Opens the mesh editing page that provides various tools to improve the quality of the mesh. All of these tools will be explained in detail later in this page.
ExportToCadAction.png Export to CAD 
Exports the images to the selected CAD.
ExportVisibleAction.png Export Visible 
Exports the files to a selected folder.
NextAction.png Next
Goes one step forward in the project. This option is not available, being this the last wizard step.

Mesh Tools

By clicking the EditSelectedAction.png the edit mesh toolbar becomes available. The mesh tools are automatically applied in some measure during mesh generation, it is seldom necessary to furtherly edit the mesh.


Cancel.png Exit
Exits the Option section.
RectSelTool.png Selection Tools
Opens the selection tool panel in which it is possible to choose how to select part of the image. The available tools will be described later in this page.
SelOpAction.png Select Action
Opens the actions panel in which it is possible to choose what to do with the selected part of the image. The available actions will be described later in this page.
FillHolesAction.png Fill Holes
Detects and filles one or more holes in a mesh. This option will be explained in detail later in this page.
FlipNormalsAction.png Flip Normals
Flips the normals of the mesh inverting the upper surface with its bottom part. This tool is automatically performed in the impression and bite profiles.
FixProblemsAction.png Fix Mesh
Automatically detects and fixes the structural issues of a mesh, if there are any.
SmoothAction.png Smooth
Advanced tool to smooth and sharpen a mesh. This option will be explained in detail later in this page.
DecimateAction.png Decimate
Reduces the number of triangles of a mesh, and incidentally the weight of the generated STL file. This option will be explained in detail later in this page.
ClosedentureAction.png Close Denture
Closes the bottom of the selected mesh with a regular plane.
Ok.png Accept
Accepts the changes and closes the option section.

Selection Tools


As shown in the GIF, these tools allow to select part of the image to edit the object. Four selection tools are available:

RectSelTool.png Rectangular Selection
Draws a rectangle that starts from the click point and grows following the mouse; to select, release the left mouse button.
ElliSelTool.png Elliptical Selection
Draws an ellipse centered in the click point that grows following the mouse; to select, release the left mouse button.
LineSelTool.png Free Closed Line Selection
Click and hold the left mouse button to start drawing a line that follows the mouse. Release the left mouse button to close the line and select all the area inside its borders.
PolygonSelTool.png Polygonal Selection
Click in two different points to draw a line and a third point to create a polygon. Double click to close the polygon and select all the area inside its borders



These actions allow to modify the selected information. The following actions are available:

CutSelAction.png Delete Selection (DEL) 
Deletes the currently selected data.
CropSelAction.png Crop Selection (Key ctrl.png + K) 
Keeps only the selected data and removes all the rest.
InvertSelAction.png Invert Selection (Key ctrl.png + I) 
Selects all the data that is not selected and deselects the selected data.
ClearSelAction.png Clear Selection (Key ctrl.png + C) 
Deselects all the data.

Fill All Holes

This is an interactive tool that allows to fill the holes in the currently selected mesh.


As shown in the video, drag the bar to choose the size of the holes that need to be filled. The holes contour will turn red when they are selected. Click apply to accept and fill the selected holes.


This tool smooths the whole surface of the mesh, compensating its irregularities, if there are any.


This tool applies two parameters:


How much the tool can change the object surface. The higher the value the more the mesh is smoothed and sharpened.


How many parts of the surface will be identified as 'Details' (margins, edges). The detail parts will be sharpened, but not smoothed.


This tool reduces the number of triangles in a mesh, to save more space, trying to preserve as much detail as possible.


It is possible to insert a percentage of triangles to be kept (For example 50% to halve the mesh size).

It is also possible to establish a tolerance value. If the tolerance is enabled, the software will stop the decimation when this would modify the mesh more than the tolerance parameter.

On the bottom of the dialog appears the initial number of triangles (or Faces) and the number of triangles after decimation.

Just click on Apply to see the result.

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