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The fourth icon of the project definition page opens the free project page.

Newproject free.png

The Free Project, unlike all the other projects, is not guided by a wizard. The user is, therefore, able to scan any element at any time without any restriction. This means also that the user will have to decide:

  • which scan profile to use for the elements to be scanned,
  • in which order to scan the elements,
  • how to align the elements and to which reference,
  • how to mesh and export the scanned items.

For Expert users, this kind of project can be a real time saver, whereas for beginners it could lead to unnecessary time loss.

As the project has no initial structure, in the definition phase almost nothing needs to be set.


Practically the user only needs to input some General Information:

  • Patient's name
  • Doctor's name (Optional)
  • Notes (Optional)
  • A check box to decide whether or not to use the Reference Rim.

It is possible to write freely in the Doctor and Notes boxes. As for the Patient, it is possible to:

  • Write freely in the box
  • Create a new profile clicking on the Search/Create button
  • Search the database for an already existing profile clicking on the Search/Create button

The Search/Create Button opens the following window:


This window allows searching the project database for already existing patients. A filter can be applied and, for those who use VDDS protocols, the research can be restricted to that specific database.

By clicking on the Create button, the following window opens:

Create patient.PNG

The patient creation panel allows to input general information regarding the patient and the treatment, such as:

  • The patient's name
  • The patient's birth date
  • The patient's sex
  • The doctor's name
  • The patient's insurance ID, where applies
  • Some notes

Once all the information has been filled in, select Ok to accept the data or Cancel to discard the changes and go back to the project definition page.

To start the project accept the definition with the Ok.png button.

To find specific information on how to scan in Free mode, go to the Free Scanning Project example page.

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