NeWay Unboxing

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How to correctly unbox NeWay scanners

Check the conditions of the box and open it wide to make sure the wings are not impeding your movements.


Unbox the accessories’ box...


... and keep removing the packaging material.


Unbox all the cables, power cord and signal cables, placed at the side of the scanner and now visible.


Remove the back and side foam bumpers left, then carefully tilt the scanner backward and remove the front foam bumper.


Carefully lift and unbox the scanner firmly grabbing it from the upper frontal part.


Put the scanner on the table and remove the anti-scratch cover of the scanner.


Squeeze and pull to remove the sponge stoppers from the movement system cradle.


The use and maintenance manual of the machine is available in digital format in the scanner’s internal memory.

The scanner's color and the contents of the box may differ from the "picture shown"

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