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The second and third icons of the Welcome page allow loading previously created projects.

Splashscreen load.png

Load CAD Projects

By clicking on the LoadExoButton.png icon it is possible to load projects that have been created in the CAD software linked with ScanWay.


The file selection starts by default with the Exocad projects' extension, but the other available CAD files can be selected by clicking on the File Type box.


Accept and open the project by clicking Open or Close by clicking on the Cancel Button.

Load Projects

It is otherwise possible to load projects previously created in the Scanning software or in other software, by clicking on the LoadProjButton.png icon.

Depending on the kind of project selected the teeth scheme and the available options change.



Cancel.png Exit
Exits the Options section.
ImportProjectAction.png Import project
Allows to import projects that were not created in the ScanWay Scanning Software but in other third parties software.
RemoveProjectAction.png Remove Project
Allows to remove and delete projects from the disk.
OpenProjectDirAction.png Open Scan Files Folder
Opens the folder selected to save all the Scan Projects.
OpenExtProjectDirAction.png Open CAD Files Folder
Opens the folder selected to save all the CAD Projects. This option is available only if the selected project was defined to be linked with one of the supported CAD.
Ok.png Accept
Accepts the changes and closes the options section.

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