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Open Technologies NeWay scanners use the ScanWay sofware to acquire and edit the images of the objects.

The application has been designed to perform the following operations:

  1. 3D optical scanning: the acquisition of the images of the scanned object.
  2. Alignment: the group of functions that allow integrating the scanning of different objects, or portions of objects, in order to accurately replicate their mutual position.
  3. Scan Edit: tools that allow deleting the undesired parts of the images.
  4. Mesh Generation: the group of procedures and algorithms that transform the scans into triangle meshes that can be used with other CAD/CAM systems.
  5. Mesh Edit: tools for the elaboration of the meshes.

All information is logically organized within a Project. The scanning data addition or modification always takes place inside a Project, that can be saved or loaded from the disk.

The software supports two different kinds of projects:

  • Free Projects: every element is independent from the other and the user can organize the logic of the project.
  • Structured Projects: the elements are organized according to a Job Definition, established by the user or imported from another software.

Most of the considerations in this manual are valid for both project types.

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