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In this page will be followed and explained the wizard for scanning Dies of different patients on the same multi-die plate.

Project definition starting from Exocad

To create this project in Exocad, click on the DentalDB icon on your desktop. The project manager will open. Click on Multi Die, to open the project definition panel.

For further information on how to create projects in Exocad, visit the specific page on the Exocad Wiki!

Here is the project definition for our demo project:


Once the project has been defined just click OPT in the Actions section to launch the scanning software.

The first thing the scanning software shows is the project created in Exocad, if the project is correctly defined click the Accept Button Ok.png.


Project definition starting from ScanWay

All projects can be defined in the scanning software as well, regardless the CAD that will be later on used to design.

Launch the scanning software double-clicking on the ScanWay icon on your desktop. The Welcome Page will open; to create the project click on the first icon.


For detailed information on how to define a project visit the specific page: Create a New Project.

Here is the definition of our demo project:


Both the project definitions described lead to the same wizard, which will be now followed step by step.

Step 1: Multidie Scan

This is the only scan step for this kind of project. As usual, this scan step is divided into substeps.

Scan Step

Place the dies on the multi-die plate as prompted by the scanner and click the Scan ButtonScanAction.png. Once the scan is finished the result will be shown.


This scan has been performed with the Reference Rim. Everytime the user launches a scan for models, dies or markers, if the software recognizes that the reference rim has not been used the following message shows.

Msg rr.png

The user can, therefore, decide whether to cancel the scan, put the reference rim on the model holder and start a new scan, or to scan without using the reference rim. For information on the reference rim visit the Accessories page.

Click NextAction.png to access the second part of the step.

Edit Step

This step allows to edit the acquired image; for detailed information on all the available options in this step visit the Edit Tools page.

The image at this step can be both edited or trimmed. In this case, various tools have been used.


When you are satisfied with the result click NextAction.png to access the next wizard step.

Step 6: Mesh Generation and Export

At this point, the software immediately starts mesh generation. The meshes can be edited and exported individually or as a unique image. To learn more about mesh editing visit our Mesh Tools page.

Click on the Export Button ExportToCadAction.png to export to CAD.


If the project has been started from Exocad, the CAD will automatically open and the design can be started immediately. Otherwise, the software will ask the user how to export the file.

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