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When launching the software directly, if the project was not defined in another database like Exocad DentalDB, the scanning project needs to be defined.

In the Welcome Page, click on the first available icon.


The Project creation page allows defining different types of projects. It is possible to navigate this area using the lower toolbar:


Cancel.png Exit
Exits the Options section.
ProtesisModeAction.png Prosthesis Project
Allows to create a project for fixed prosthesis (cemented or on implants) that will follow a Step-by-step wizard.
FullJawsModeAction.png Full Jaw Project
Allows to create full jaw scanning projects to be used either in orthodontic cases, or in removable frameworks ones, or anyways for any case in which it is required to scan the full jaw with or without its opposing jaw.
MultiDieModeAction.png Multi Die Project
Allows to create a project to scan individual dies, also belonging to different patients, on the multi-die plate.
FreeModeAction.png Free Project
Allows to create a project in Free mode. Unlike all the others, this kind of project does not have a set structure and can be fully customised. We suggest only expert users take advantage of this kind of project.
ExpertModeAction.png Expert Project
Allows to create a project in Expert mode. This kind of project is halfway between the structured projects and the free projects. At the beginning it has no structure but, in order to create a scanning strategy, the scanned items need to be defined. We suggest users to take advantage of this kind of project if they want to start approaching the free procedure.
Ok.png Accept
Accepts the changes and closes the options section.

Follow the individual links to have more information on project definition.

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