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The Icon MenuAction.png on the lower left corner of the interface opens the project options menu.

Prj options.PNG

NewAction.png Home 
Goes back to the Welcome Page.
SaveAction.png Save 
Saves the project and all its changes.
EditProjectAction.png Edit Project 
Opens the Edit Project dialog, that will be explained later in this page.
OptionsAction.png Edit Options
Opens the Options panel, already explained in detail in its dedicated page.
ReloadExocadProjectAction.png Reload Exocad Project
When modifications are made to the original Exocad project in the Dental DB, this options changes the scanning project based on the changes made in the Dental DB.
40px Pass to Expert Mode
Closes the wizard and enters the Expert Mode to allow the user to choose the scanning order freely.

Edit Project

The icon EditProjectAction.png opens the edit project dialog.

Prj options edit.png

At this point, only the general information of the Project Area can be changed. To allow bigger changes, regarding all the other parts of the Project Definition click on the icon EnableEditAction.png.

Accept with Ok.png or cancel with Cancel.png.

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